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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


For the little friendship things between just you and me, for the closeness we share, for the trust and the honesty... For the ordinary everyday "just called-to-say" surprises, for the promises you keep and "because-you-love-me" compromises.
For the "tell-me-all-about-" time and the hugs, I get for free. For not having to be anyone else, but just simply me
...For 'it's no bother' favours and your 'you can do it!' cheer. For your reassurance of always being right there.
...For all your ways that say "I'll be there till the end". I thank God for the day, when He blessed me, with such a special friend.


  1. Hi! I would like to declare that the above post is not my creation; it is extracted from an ARCHIES CARD. The content of the card was so nice that I felt like sharing it. It says everything that I feel for my friends and ofcourse everyone having good friends does. The post is dedicated to all my friends and relatives which are part of my golden memories (specially from childhood). You have to comment if you know that you are one of them, the others may also appreciate/comment.

  2. bahut khubsurat likha hai..waise tumko to pata hi hai ki angrezi mein apni fees maaf hai..english speaking course ke baad bhi..hahaha

    happy new year..

    ise bhi dekho..arpita ke papa limka book mein..

  3. Saal k ant me ye ek haseen tohfa dia hai aapne apne dosto ko.It's really very good content(chahe kahi se bhi liya gaya ho)
    and also most expressive for expressing someone's feeling about their valuable friends.saath hi aapka dil-chasp declaration,jise padh kar pata chalta hai k aapke life me dosto ki kitni ahmiat hai.Ek baat ka afsos hamesha rahega k aapke dosti ki fehrist me jagah pane me humne kafi der kar di.

    चाँद अशआर आपके नाम :

    बौछार हो तुमपे सदा खुश्यो की,
    दोस्तों संग जामे-मुसर्रत सजाते रहना.
    छुपा कर कुछ खुशियाँ अपने दामन में,
    गाहे-बगाहे हम पे भी लुटाते रहना.